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China HENAN SANTO CRANE CO.,LTD certification
China HENAN SANTO CRANE CO.,LTD certification
Customer Reviews
We cooperate from 2014. HENAN SANTO CRANE CO.,LTD has high quality crane products and perfect service.

—— Mr. Armando from Mexico

HENAN SANTO CRANE CO.,LTD supplied us two sets 20T and two sets 10T double girder overhead crane in September 2019, also they have agent in Riyadh,who helped us installed the four cranes and done the after sale service for us,now the cranes are working well.

—— Mr. Azmat from Saudi Arabia

We Purchased Two Sets 25t Span9.5m H 13m Double Girder Overhead Crane From HENAN SANTO CRANE CO.,LTD, Will Install Them In October 2020, Last Year We Sent Our Engineer To Visit HENAN SANTO CRANE CO.,LTD, Whose Factory Is Very Formal And Is Very Strongly.

—— Mr. Alfredo from Honduras

QD55T-26.3M H9M Double Girder Overhead Crane MH10T-13M H9M Single Girder Gantry Crane LD5T-12.38M H6M Single Girder Overhead Crane LD10T-14.852M H6M Single Girder Overhead Crane 1 Cubic Meter Mechanical crab Operation above crane from June 2019-June 2020, no Others Problems, We Sincerely Show Our Thanks to HENAN SANTO CRANE CO.,LTD.

—— Mr. Anca Nicola from Russia

35T double girder overhead crane from HENAN SANTO CRANE CO.,LTD, Now everything is well, thanks!

—— Ismail Ben Youssef from Tunisi

QD50/10T Double Girder Overhead Crane, 10t Single Girder Overhead Crane We Bought Above Crane For Our Steel Warehouse From HENAN SANTO CRANE CO.,LTD, The Cranes Began To Work From July 2017, Now It Passed four Years,The Cranes Are Doing A Good Job.

—— Mr.Ali from Pakistan

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QC Profile

Adhering to our quality policy “Seek Better”, we have established a complete product quality assurance and control system. Our company has also been certified by TUV on ISO9001:2008 quality management system and ISO14001:2008 environmental management system.


Streamlined quality management system ensures overall control over material purchase, production, assembly, transportation, installation and acceptance, making sure we always deliver high quality products to our customers.


We have installed all testing equipment and facilities required for quality control. Our quality control team includes qualified NDT staffs and welding engineers. Furthermore, we hold regularly quality control training sessions and activities to improve working performance and product quality.


Quality Management:

Quality is something we must fight for, earn, through all the little decisions we make.
SANTO® products, services, and business processes must reflect our quality commitment.
In fact, many of the SANTO® products built decades ago are still in service today.


HENAN SANTO CRANE CO.,LTD quality control 0

The design and manufacture comply with following ISO or FEM/DIN standards:
GB/T 3811-2008 Design rules for cranes
GB6067.1-2010 Crane machinery safety procedures
GB/T14405-2011 General overhead crane
GB/T104406-2011 General gantry cranes
GB/T10183-2005 Tolerance of Overhead crane and gantry crane manufacuturing and rails installation
GB/T5905-1986 Crane testing rules and process
JB/T4315-1997 Crane Electrical control equipment
Gb8918-2006 Wire rope for cranes
GB/T700-2006 Carbon structural steel
GB/T1591-2008 Low-Alloy High-Tensile Structural Steel
JB928-1994 The standard of Radiographic inspection for weld joint
GB11345-1989 Manual ultrasonic testing method


FEM 1.002 Illustrated Terminology of Heavy Lifting Equipment
FEM 9.811 Rope and Chain Hoists – General Specifications
FEM 9.511 Rules for the Design of Series Lifting Equipment - Classification of Mechanisms
FEM 9.661 Rules for the design of Series Lifting Equipment - Dimensions and Design of Rope Reeving Components
FEM 9.683 Selection of Hoist and Travel Motors
FEM 9.852 Power Driven Series Hoist Mechanisms, Standardized Test Procedure for Verification of the Classification
FEM 9.755 Measures for Achieving Safe Working Periods for Motorized Serial Hoist Units (S.W.P.)
FEM 9.751 Power Driven Series Hoist Mechanisms, Safety
FEM 9.901 Rules for the Design of Series Lifting Equipment and Cranes Equipped with Series Lifting Equipment


DIN EN 14492-2 Cranes – Power Driven Hoists
DIN EN 60204-32 Safety of Machinery; Electrical Equipment of Machines; Requirements for Hoisting Machines
DIN 3051-Sections 1–4 Lifting Ropes; Steel Wires
DIN 15017 Cranes & Hoists; Principles of Motor and Gear Sizing
DIN 15020- Sections 1–2 Hoists; Principles of Rope Reeving
DIN 15061- Sections 1–2 Cranes & Hoists; Grooves for Rope Sheaves & Drums
DIN 15100 Serial Lifting Equipment; Nomenclature
DIN 15400 through DIN15414 Detailed Aspects of Load Hooks and Bottom Block Construction


Work Flow:

HENAN SANTO CRANE CO.,LTD quality control 1


Our Partner:

We have a very strictly purchase part selection system. We do all is to help improve our customers experience of our Crane.


HENAN SANTO CRANE CO.,LTD quality control 2

No. Items COOPERATE Manufacturers
1 Motor

Sino-US KDS Motor Factory

Nanjing Special Motor Factory

Wuxi XINDALI Motor Factory

ABM-(Geared motor)-German

SEW(Geared motor)-German

2 Gear Box / Reducer


Jiangsu Tailong Reducer Factory

Jiangsu Taixing Reducer Factory

Shanghai TGS Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd.


3 Wire Rope

Italy Redaelli S.p.A.

Nantong Wire Rope Factory

4 Electrical




5 Converter

Yaskawa Electric (China) Co., Ltd.



6 Remote Control

Telecrane-Taiwan, China



7. Shaft



  • China HENAN SANTO CRANE CO.,LTD certification



    Issue Date:2020-12-19

    Expiry Date:2025-12-19


    Issued By:SZUTEST

  • China HENAN SANTO CRANE CO.,LTD certification



    Issue Date:2020-12-19

    Expiry Date:2025-12-19

    Scope/Range:SDQ SDXQ SSD BZ MH MG

    Issued By:SZUTEST

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